Multiple explosions hit Chinese port city

Chinese chemical blasts: 114 dead, 70 still missing

By Steven Jiang,Will Replay and Holly Yan August 16

Tianjin China (CNN)--Luo Shuhui's home was 700 meters from the chemical warehouse that exploded last week, hurling fireballs into the sky.Now, Luo and other nearby residents are livid at the government and want it to pay for their homes.

"I just want an answer from the government," Luo said Sunday at a protest by local apartment owners. "Are the officials corrupt, or what? Why did they build a hazardous chemical warehouse near our home without telling us? Who would want to live next to a ticking time bomb? No one!"

It's been four days since the explosions rocked the northeastern coastal city of Tianjin on Wednesday, killing at least 114 people, officials said -- with many more bodies likely trapped in the rubble. At least 70 people are still missing, according to authorities.

Rescuers have found more than 50 people alive, said Tianjin government spokesman Gong Jiansheng. They include a 19-year-old firefighter who lay on the ground for hours with burns and a cracked skull until he was found, officials said.

Workers spent another day scouring heaps of rubble for possible survivors, but one of the military commanders in the effort said Sunday that the odds of finding anyone alive are slim.

    Instead, Maj. Gen. Shi Luze said, he expects the search to yield more bodies.

    The blasts, one of which had the force of more than 20 tons of TNT, left more than 700 people injured and thousands homeless, officials said.

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