Chile Atacama floods

Chile Flash Floods: 25 Dead As Rescue Workers Fear For 125 Still Missing And 2,700 Homeless

By Dennis Lynch, on April 05 2015 3:19 PM EDT

Chilean emergency rescue workers are increasingly concerned about the fate of 125 people missing after a week of flash floods and mudslides in the Atacama region in the north of the country. At least 25 people are confirmed dead, and another 2,700 are homeless following the devastating floods that affected a total of 30,000 Chileans. The floods, which started on March 25, submerged entire towns and dislodged thousands of tons of dirt. The flooding is the worst the region has seen in 80 years.

President Michelle Bachelet canceled a visit to a regional summit and visited the area on Saturday to survey the damage, promising more relief on top of what has already been allocated for the emergency response. Her government declared a state of emergency and provided more than 100,000 vaccines for the flu, tetanus and hepatitis A, along with other hygiene supplies and food. They are also building shelters for the homeless.

“We stand with you, as we have from the beginning, and we will rebuild,” Bachelet said Saturday. “It pains me to see my country in such a state. … We will find a solution.”...

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